Sunday, October 26, 2008


Taking another break from cooking for some video games... LittleBigPlanet is AWESOME! I got it about 6 hours ago, and guess what I've been doing since? That's right, I've been doing homework! Ha! No, I did that before I got it (all 10 hours of it). But, it's awesome. I'm playing co-op with my great little sous chef, Eli. We're even going to work on a custom CFA level, which will be released some time in the first quarter of never. Seriously, we really stink at making levels. And so how is making nonsense levels so fun? I dunno, it just is. But it's gonna get even better tomorrow, when it's officially released (I got the game a day before the "official" release, when they'll be opening the LBP servers user level downloads), and I can download the levels that other people make that are actually good! Maybe I'll hire someone to make a level for us. Oh well. Anyway, if you own a PS3, it's a must-buy, so go get it NOW! And on a short note of cooking, the next episode may be up Wednesday or Thursday (maybe Friday because it's Halloween), and the recipe will be Halloween related, so be watching. I also *might* record a LBP review for Youtube, but definitely not until the user levels start popping up, so watch for that too.

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