Monday, April 27, 2009

Pepsi Commercial - "I'm Good"

I have not laughed this hard at a commercial for a long time. Seeing middle aged men getting beat up in the strangest ways possible? That's a win. And again, sorry. Anyone know any good, reliable editing software that works on Vista? Seriously...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Wooh! That was quite a break! And I bet you're wondering why. Well, with my new computer, our old editing software was a complete FAIL on Vista. So, a few days ago, we finally got some new software, and now we will continue to post episodes. HOWEVER. For those who don't know, I (Lucas) am in AP European History, famous in our school for being one of the hardest classes you will ever take. In the beginning of May, we have to take an AP exam, a fully standardized test spanning the whole year, including multiple choice and three essays. So, for the couple weeks leading up to that, I will be very secluded. So we will probably put up two, possibly three episodes, and then stop for a few weeks. But we will be back, with our new HD camera and software. Peace!