Sunday, June 21, 2009

Episode 16 and Marathon

Lots of news today! First off, last night, I posted up episode 16, in which we made some delicious Chocoraspberry Bars from our Nestle Classic Recipes Cookbook. Go check that out.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Taste Test

Second, we have begun summer vacation, so we will now be posting these on a REGULAR BASIS! WOW! To kick off the break, we will be having a Cooking for Amateurs marathon for the next few days, beginning yesterday. One new episode every day! That brings me to our final news. Today IS Father's Day, so we are recording a brand new episode today to celebrate. That WILL be part of the marathon, released today as episode 17, then tomorrow will be 18, after that, 19, and then possibly 20 the next day. We are working through our backlog of unedited episodes. Also, the team will be on vacation for a few days in August, so there may not be an episode. We don't know. Thanks for supporting Cooking for Amateurs!

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