Tuesday, May 12, 2009

App Reviews

In a desperate attempt to earn fans, I (Lucas - maybe my buddies) will begin filming app reviews for the iPod Touch. I'll upload the first one some time, and see if it gets any views. I'm definitely not short on apps to review - trust me. I've sunk way too much money into this thing. If I haven't reviewed an app that you're thinking about buying, throw us an email, which we check multiple times each day, and we'll get it up very quickly. It's not like we have anything better to do. Except for this weekend, when I will be away - Friday till Monday. I'll make sure to update when I get back - I don't want any stalkers.


Michael said...

Thanks for the plug!! I always knew that Old Spice jingle would someday lead to my 15 minutes of fame...

Michael said...

Whoops!! I meant to put that comment on this post:


Anyway, good luck with your foray into the world of app reviews. Post enough and the people will come, trust me. Just make sure you write a little text (with the app name!) to accompany each video or the search engines may not index your posts in the relevant searches.